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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Happy Birthday Nadia!

On January 29, Nadia turned 10 years old. Happy double digits to Nadia!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Happy Birthday Vegas!

January 23 was a very special day for us!

In September we noticed a tumor in Vegas' mouth and she had surgery to have it removed. It was malignant melanoma. Further testing showed it was in her lungs making it stage 4. Everything we read said with surgery alone survival time was 1-2 months. Since Vegas wasn't acting sick or feeling bad we opted for treatment at the U. We passed on the most aggressive treatment due to her age but went with a treatment of chemo pills and a vaccine. At the time we set the goal to try to help her make it to her twelfth birthday.

Four months after diagnosis, Vegas is 12! She's happy, sassy, and full of herself. She hasn't even had a day where she acted sick. We know we don't have forever and maybe not even very long but we're very glad to have a happy Goose still with us.

To celebrate her birthday, since she's been begging to train (she loves to work) we also did some tricks and she earned her Intermediate Trick Dog title last week! Here's the video which shows a very happy and active senior dog!


Here's Vegas with her Intermedia Trick Dog title certificate:

Sunday, January 22, 2017

CPE Agility in Huntley, IL

On January 21-22, 2017 Anubis and Nadia played CPE in Huntley, IL. We are so close to Nadia's CS-ATE that nerves got the best of me on a few runs. Still, she qualified in Level C Colors, Wildcard (x2), Jackpot, Snooker and FullHouse. That was the last Jackpot she needed so all she needs now is 125 points!!

Anubis qualified in Level 5 Standard, Colors, Snooker, Jackpot, FullHouse, and Wildcard (x2). He also finished his Specialist Wildcard Championhip.
Anubis - SpChWC

Here are videos of all their Qs for the weekend. Good pups!

Monday, January 16, 2017

First CPE Agility of 2017

Nadia played CPE agility in Ham Lake, MN on January 13-15, 2017 for our first agility trial of the year.

We had a poor Friday (0/2), fair Saturday (2/3), but finished it off with a great Sunday! Sunday we went 4/4 bringing us to 6/9 for the weekend qualifying in Level C Colors, Jackpot, Snooker (x2), FullHouse and Jumpers.

We are closing in on Nadia's CS-ATE - only need 1 Jackpot Q and 250 points!

Here are a couple of runs from the weekend.

Jumpers was not the prettiest run! But we got it done.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Kandi does WCRL

On January 14, 2017 Atlas' Abiding Kandieren Mond "Kandi" owned by Laura Cook qualified in two runs in WCRL Rally Level 1 in PA and got third place in both runs as well. Good job team!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Novice Trick Dog Bliss

Bliss is only five months old but we have been training a lot and she was able to demonstrate enough tricks to earn her Novice Trick Dog titles from Do More With Your Dog! She earned the title on January 13.

Bliss NTD
Here is the video of her tricks!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

NADAC on New Year's Eve

We played one day of NADAC agility in Burnsville, MN on December 31, 2016. Nadia qualified in Novice Hoopers to finish her title. Anubis qualified in Novice Chances. Good dogs!

Monday, December 19, 2016

UKC Show in Ixonia

On December 18, 2016 Bliss competed in a UKC show in Ixonia, WI and won Best of Breed Novice Puppy both shows. Good job Bliss!

Monday, September 26, 2016

UKC Agility

Our fall UKC Agility trial was September 24-25, 2016 in Minneapolis, MN. Anubis was 5/8 for the weekend and earned high scoring GSD in three trials. He also finished his UKC Agility Championship (UACH) title which has been a long time coming!!! Nadia was 6/8 for the weekend and earned high scoring GSD in one trial.

UACH Anubis

Monday, September 19, 2016

CPE in St. Cloud

Another outdoor trial on September 17-18, 2016! Anubis and Nadia competed in CPE Agility in St. Cloud, MN. Nadia qualifed in Level C Snooker (x2), FullHouse, Colors, Wildcard and Jumpers. Anubis qualified in Level 5 Wildcard and Snooker.

This was Nadia's last weekend jumping 16" - she now goes to 12" to make her career as long as possible!

Some photos from the weekend:

And a couple of videos:

Friday, September 16, 2016

AKC Agility Course Test

On September 16, 2016 we went to something new, an AKC Agility Course Test. This is kind of like a pre-test for AKC agility. Even though our dogs are experienced, they don't do AKC so we thought it would be fun.

Anubis Qed in ACT1 and ACT2 once each but Nadia earned both her ACT1 and ACT2 titles by qualifying in all four runs.
Nadia, ACT1, ACT2

Sunday, September 11, 2016

CPE Agility in Rochester

On September 10-11, 2016 Anubis and Nadia competed in CPE Agility in Rochester, MN. Nadia had a good weekend and qualified in Level C Snooker, FullHouse, Jumpers and Colors.

Anubis, however, was the big star of the weekend! He qualified in Level 5 Jackpot, Standard (x2), Wildcard, Snooker (x2) and FullHouse. He finished his CPE Specialist Agility Trial Champion 2 (CS-ATCH2) title on Saturday! Very proud of him to come out of retirement at 10 and earn another championship!
CS-ATCH2 Anubis
He got a very special bar made by our friend Debbie complete with an Anubis head on it!

Anubis finished his CS-ATCH2 on a standard run:

Both dogs ran great all weekend - here are a couple more videos:

Sunday, September 4, 2016

NADAC Agility and Parade of Veterans

On September 2-3, 2016 we enjoyed some outdoor agility in Burnsville, MN playing NADAC. Anubis qualified in Open Tunnelers twice and finished his Open Tunnelers title. He also qualified in Novice Weavers to finish his Novice Weavers title and in Open Regular. Nadia qualified in Open Tunnelers.
Anubis finished his Novice Weavers and Open Tunnelers titles on Friday night!

We also got to participate in the Parade of Veterans as both Nadia and Anubis are now vets!

Nadia's Parade of Veterans Page
Anubis' Parade of Veterans Page
Me with my veteran dogs

Monday, August 29, 2016

IABCA Show for Kandi

On August 28, 2016 Atlas' Abiding Kandieren Mond "Kandi" owned by Laura Cook attended IABCA shows in OH. She received two Best of Breeds and the highest ratings.

Monday, August 15, 2016

CPE Agility in Burnsville

On August 13-14, 2016 we played CPE agility in Burnsville, MN. Luxor didn't have any Qs but Anubis Qed in Level 5 Jumpers (x2), Wildcard, FullHouse, Snooker (x2), Jackpot. He only needs two Qs for his CS-ATCH2! Nadia Qed in Level C Jumpers (x2), FullHouse, Snooker, Colors and Jackpot. Great job!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Happy 13th to Mira

Happy 13th Birthday to our Miracle! We are so blessed that she is still with us and keeping us all in line.
C-ATCH CT-ATCH4 CS-ATCH URO3 UACH UKC Ch. / WGSDCA BIF and BIM / ARBA Junior Ch. / IABCA Multi Ch. WhiteStone's Miracle of Atlas, RAE, RL1, S-TG-N, S-TN-N, S-NAC, S-NCC, S-NJC, O-HP-N, O-WV-N, NADAC Novice Versatility and Novice Triple Superior, O-TN-O, OAC, TG-O, CL1, CL2, CL3, CL4, TChFH, TChSN, TChJU, TChWC, TChST, TChCL, TChJP, NTD, MAC, OV, WVDA, CGC, GSDCA 13 Club, OFA E/MDR1/Dent

Mira got to enjoy a doggie cupcake for her birthday!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

ASCA Agility

We briefly played at an ASCA Agility trial in Ham Lake, MN August 6-7, 2014. Unfortunately, Nadia had a little accident Sunday with a jump and she came up lame. But by the time we got to the crate she was walking normally and there was no lasting impact. We did cut the weekend short to be safe. Before that we had a lot of fun, not a lot of Qs but great training moments. Luxor did several teeters and dog walks with much less hesitation than previously and he had a clean run today in Open Jumpers (over time but much improved). He also held his start line stay every run which is huge for him!! Nadia shined in Elite Jumpers but a handler bobble and knocked bar resulted in only one Q there.

Photos by Hereid Photography.


Friday, August 5, 2016

"B" Litter is Born

We didn't expect it to be on the exact same date as our "A" litter, but Bentley decided to be consistent. Our "B" litter of two puppies was both August 5, 2016. The sire is URO2 UKC CH SG Berlin an Granville vom Gildaf, CGC, HIC, TC, AD, IPO1, TF-III, FDCH, TN-N, RATN, CAA, TD, OFA H/E/Card/Thy/DM/Eyes/Dent, MDR1, CHIC and we are thrilled to have Berlin pups here!

Bentley and Berlin
black/tan girl - one day old
sable boy - one day old 
Bentley and the pups - one day old

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Happy 10th Birthday Anubis!

Happy 10th Birthday Anubis! He has a fun day eating birthday cheese and playing agility.

CS-ATCH UAGII URO1 UKC Grand Ch. Bahr-S Journey Through Dark, CL1, CL2, CL3, CL4-S, SpChSN, SpChFH, SpChCL, TN-N, NJC, NAC, TG-N, JSA-N, GSA-N, RL1X, RN, NTD, MSDCH, CGC, TDI, SPOT-ON, TC, OV, OFA H/DM/MDR1/Dent, CHIC