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Monday, January 23, 2017

Happy Birthday Vegas!

January 23 was a very special day for us!

In September we noticed a tumor in Vegas' mouth and she had surgery to have it removed. It was malignant melanoma. Further testing showed it was in her lungs making it stage 4. Everything we read said with surgery alone survival time was 1-2 months. Since Vegas wasn't acting sick or feeling bad we opted for treatment at the U. We passed on the most aggressive treatment due to her age but went with a treatment of chemo pills and a vaccine. At the time we set the goal to try to help her make it to her twelfth birthday.

Four months after diagnosis, Vegas is 12! She's happy, sassy, and full of herself. She hasn't even had a day where she acted sick. We know we don't have forever and maybe not even very long but we're very glad to have a happy Goose still with us.

To celebrate her birthday, since she's been begging to train (she loves to work) we also did some tricks and she earned her Intermediate Trick Dog title last week! Here's the video which shows a very happy and active senior dog!


Here's Vegas with her Intermedia Trick Dog title certificate:

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