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Educational Articles

Here are some educational articles we have written. Please note that while these articles contain advice on training, care and breeding of German Shepherds they also contain opinions. Make sure when dealing with important issues, especially relating to health of your dog, that you seek other opinions including your vet.

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Where Do White German Shepherd Dogs Come From?
Are they mutants or a natural part of the breed? A look at where the color white comes from in the German Shepherd Dog and why it has been looked down upon.

White Shepherd or White German Shepherd - What's the Difference?
When you read on the internet about white dogs you hear the term White Shepherd and White German Shepherd. This article explains some of the history and politics behind these terms.

White GSDs and Breed Separation
Some people believe that the white coated German Shepherd should become a separate breed from the German Shepherd. This article discusses my thoughts on this idea.

Longevity in the GSD
A look at longevity in the role of breeding GSDs and how this is an important consideration for breeders.

Breeding To The Standard
A look at what it means to breed to a breed standard and how breed standards evolve over time. This article addresses the comment "There's nothing wrong with white GSDs but you should never breed them because the standard says not to."

Disqualify That Color of Dog
This article discusses the legitimate reasons why a particular color may be prohibited in a breed and examines how the white GSD compares.

Breeding a Better Structured White German Shepherd Dog
This is an article written by Donna Beadle of Eclipse Kennels for the Hoflin White German Shepherd Annual. This article describes how to improve structure in the white coated GSD.

All About Long-Coated German Shepherd Dogs
A look at the long coated German Shepherd - genetics, myths and comparing them to the GSD standards.

Separation Anxiety
Does your dog whine, make messes, break out of their crate, destroy things or any other bad behavior when they are separated from you? It's probably separation anxiety and this article discusses how to combat this problem.

Drug Sensitivity in the German Shepherd Dog
About 10% of German Shepherds carry a gene than can cause adverse reactions to many common drugs including ivermectin which is found in most heartworm medications. It's important to know about this gene, how to see if your dog has it, and how to breed away from it.

Training Your German Shepherd Dog
This article discusses the very basic training we believe all German Shepherds should have.