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About Us

What is Atlas Kennels?

Atlas Kennels began in 2002 when we purchased our first German Shepherd, Atlas, as a companion. Little did we realize what we were getting into! Atlas was and still is a wonderful companion, but he became the most titled white German Shepherd in history and the most successful white German Shepherd ever in conformation. He has taken us to so many new places and taught us so many things. We've added to our family with Atlas' offspring and their offspring - we're currently on the fourth generation here - but Atlas will always be the heart of Atlas Kennels.

We enjoy a variety of activities with our dogs and we do it for several reasons. First, a happy GSD is a busy GSD. These dogs need jobs and simulation to the happy and well adjusted. Second, we believe potential breeding dogs should be proven by titling them in various events. Finally, it's just plain fun! We focus primarily on conformation, rally and agility, but we dabble in just about everything.

In 2014, our friends and mentors at Eclipse Kennels decided to end their German Shepherd breeding program to focus on their other breed. This was an amazing opportunity for us to take over the Eclipse line of German Shepherds that we were already working with. For 15 years, Eclipse worked hard to create a healthy line with correct structure and temperaments and we are lucky to have their trust and support. 

Our focus is on the advancement and preservation of the German Shepherd Dog. Our breedings are focused on producing dogs with good health, structure, temperament and working ability. We do not breed for color alone and you'll see us breeding to and with dogs of various colors. However, we do work with lines that carry for white and we do produce white GSDs. We believe that when bred correctly white dogs are equal in quality to colored dogs and can and should be an equal part of the breed. We breed to the United Kennel Club standard which lists white as an acceptable color. We do not breed or support any off colors such as blue, liver, etc. We believe the white coated German Shepherd is and should remain a part of the German Shepherd breed. While there are movements to create a separate breed, we do not support these efforts.

Tracie is the main handler of the dogs in competition and she is also a licensed United Kennel Club judge for rally and conformation. She is also the show secretary for the UGSDA, a local UKC club. Tim is also a major factor in the success of the dogs helping out with training and caring for the dogs at home.

Not all the dogs you'll see here live with us. Some are co-owned and live with other people, but we love them all and try to actively work and train all of them towards whatever our goals are for them.